Palawan Productions is an Independant Record Label and Publishing House, and 2016 saw the launch of Palawan Productions Integrated Performing Arts

Established in 2008, the goal of the company has been to discover, nurture, and enable new artists to find a platform to share their creativity whilst not compromising their art.

With our small roster and dedicated team we offer a personalised service that is both transparent and successful in all fields of the Music Business.

Management, Record Distribution, Recording, A&R, Publishing and Live...we cover it all.


Scalett Raven & Marc Marot THE AUGMENTISTS

Scarlett Raven and Marc Marot: The Danger Tree: BBC NORTH WEST

This groundbreaking exhibition binds together new technology and multiple forms of visual and creative arts to tell an immersive story of the fallen soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Somme.



See Behind The Queen

See Behind The Queen

Scarlett created Stamp Duty for an exhibition called Queen Themed. She says: “Her Majesty has served her country for over 50 years without complaint. But what lies behind the Royal stoicism?” These AR layers beneath this painting tell that story.

Former Head of Island Records, Marc Marot, and John Campbell have been friends for over 30 years.

Applying their combined knowledge obtained in the Music Industry, and their overall respect for Art coupled with the technology and innovation of Augmented Reality that enhances the brilliant skills of Scarlett Raven is the foundation of this unique partnership.

Palawan Productions are proud to represent The Danger Tree in the US and Canada.

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