Palawan Productions is an Independant Record Label and Publishing House, and 2016 saw the launch of Palawan Productions Integrated Performing Arts

Established in 2008, the goal of the company has been to discover, nurture, and enable new artists to find a platform to share their creativity whilst not compromising their art.

With our small roster and dedicated team we offer a personalised service that is both transparent and successful in all fields of the Music Business.

Management, Record Distribution, Recording, A&R, Publishing and Live...we cover it all.


Palawan Productions is Delighted to Announce the Exclusive North American Representation of the Acclaimed Artists Scarlett Raven & Marc Marot

Following on from their extraordinary success in the UK with their Augmented art exhibit “The Danger Tree “ Scarlett Raven and Marc Marot will be launching a US based exhibit in late 2017.

Former UK Head of Island Records, Marot and Campbell have been friends for over 30 years.

 " I was in London in spring of 2016 having a chance meet with Marc on an unrelated matter and he showed me what he and Scarlett had been doing. I was stunned. It was amazing and immediately my Management radar was buzzing . I knew that the USA would love such a breaking ground concept and the beauty intensity of Scarlett & Marc interpretations would be both critically and universally lauded. I am proud and excited to be on board …” Said Campbell.

Watch this space…………….


Blippar is a free app. Simply download onto your smart phone
or tablet. Point the device at the AR artwork to unlock.

Blippar is a free app. Simply download onto your smart phone or tablet. Point the device at the AR artwork to unlock.

Proud to see these guys doing so well. They deserve every bit of it....John Campbell

Img 5906


"Ageless Soul...Refined Over 15 Years"

Annaleemedia 20170611 0091

BBC LIVERPOOL Exhibit Current till December 2017 The Danger Tree


AR strips away the layers of her paintings to reveal Scarlett’s creative journey beneath: the thought processes, the paint strokes, the inspiration, the effort, the musings, the mistakes. It is a place where digital meets analogue. Where paint collaborates with pixels


The layers beneath my paintings are accessed using the Blippar app. Blippar fitted well with where I wanted to go with my art. They understood what it was I wanted to achieve and went out of their way to make that possible.  It makes my art and all its covert elements, instantly accessible to anyone.  I want people to engage with the work beyond the canvas, beyond the wall and beyond the gallery. I want each piece to become an event in itself. A very personal and intimate event.”

The Danger Tree - A Visual Arts Experience


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