Hailing from Worcester, 24 year old, multi-instrumentalist Andy Robinson hits the UK with his debut album.


Andy Robinson was born into a culturally astute family who cultivated a firm discipline in the household from a very young age. Music was a central focus in uniting the family at home, and Andy believes his artistic upbringing has made him incredibly focused on his music.


Andy’s Grandfather left him his clarinet in his Will which was the first instrument Andy learnt to play at age 9. Growing up, Andy was exposed to all sorts of music from The Doors, to Hendrix, to Mozart, and Beethoven. His first ever music purchase was a Buddy Holly cassette at the age of 7, which he exhausted to the point it was unplayable.


At 16 after performing solo with an acoustic guitar and vocals, and winning a talent contest, Andy began to take music seriously.



England’s Bleeding is like a photo gallery of musical landscapes. Each track reflects his youth in England - the loves, politics, struggles, drinks and dreams, failures and frustrations and all the ironies that they produce.


The picturesque backdrop of the Elgar drenched Malvern countryside, along with the raspy lyrics of John Martyn, and the sensuous delicate soul of Nick Drake helped inspire Andy to write his debut album, “England’s Bleeding”. All of the instruments on the album were played by Andy himself, as he had no money to pay session musicians. These included the Clarinet, saxophone, guitar, banjo, glockenspiel, accordion and percussion.


Hints of soul shine through in Andy’s vocals, which touch on 60’s “Motown” pioneers Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye. The harmonies on the album so clearly reflect Andy’s admiration for groups like The Byrds, Beatles, and The Mamas & The Papas.


Production-wise, Andy harked back to his childhood inspirations and appreciating the organic feel of Tom Waits and Buddy.


Title track “England’s Bleeding”, was inspired musically from Tom Waits, as he is one of the few artists out there who used chord patterns of traditional Bulgarian gypsy music.



The first single release “First Time” is heard on BBC Radio 1, and Radio 2.



‘England’s Bleeding ‘ Robinsons 2010 debut album‘spawned over 150 concerts including Glastonbury, Hop Farm and a UK tour as well as Midem and SXSW + a mini US West coast tour. The critics acclaimed the album, and radio embraced the songs.


So it gives us great pleasure to announce the completion of the brand new album,



A collection of tracks that whilst bolder in production are as subtle and melodic as those it follows.


Horns, Sax, Mandolins, Marimba swim alongside the Cello, Fiddles and guitar, and all are marinated in drums and percussion that provide a truly original feast for the ears.


Compelling lyrical twists  are married to plots of scattered hearts, despair and victory as Robinson embarks on the next chapter of his tale of today, his loves of yesterday and his dreams for tomorrow.

Robinson can’t fail to put a smile on your face despite the bittersweet lyrics that pursue an air of melancholy....BBC6 Music

an acute attention to lyrical detail, both spinning yarns about characters and protagonists in the same mould as any great storyteller....Culture Fly

...the clarity and directness of Andy's writing, singing, production and performance made these two exceptional records...Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

Top quality off kilter folk. 
Robinson has a skill of dressing up dark tales with audience pleasing melodies
...Indie Music Mag